Some latest Namejet sales

Were was too many Namejet auctions with reserve prices yesterday,
unfortunatly most of them stay unsold, looks like domain buyers avoid
to bid on them and prefer typical expired domains instead.
Unsold domain list can be seen at the end of this post.
Taryn was lucky and snapped for just $509
the name was put on sale by very well known domainer and stock investor
Shane Cultra. Only two sales in our monitored list break 1K barrier: $2,700 and $1,287
We didn’t participated in any Namejet auction yesterday,
but we are planning to do it today.

domain * price sold * winner alias $131 misterbidder $339 milkduds $530 kinnikuman $787 drbryanj $710 kinnikuman $359 wb123 $530 kinnikuman $210 thbussey $680 kinnikuman $450 issy777 $543 nothim $1,287 chickles $2,700 capitolhill $130 nerf $697 deebong $259 xltr $520 tehm888 $255 neon2 $510 domainflippin $509 taryn $453 wb123 $560 coldforce $192 wb123 $516 aaaaaaaaa $472 xiaofeifei $211 wb123 $79 taryn $460 taryn

******* domains where Namejet reserve is not met: