9 thoughts on “Perhaps the time’s right to take a break

  1. Have fun and enjoy yourself. Always good to see your daily dropping list and your blog is in my daily check list.
    Keep up the great work and hope to see you in action soon.

  2. Hello Goldnames boy,

    Somestimes i like to give up from domaining too , but Latter i decide to comeback beacuse I like it a lot.

    Sometimes we get stressed with domains , but please came back.

    We need your help and your lists.

    Would you consider have a space to put domains for sale?


    Regards from Portugal.

    • Yes, you are right Paulo Silva, it is stressful sometimes, especially repeatedly to do the same thing day by day. Sure, I will be back just need more time to be able to concentrate to the list of other projects too.

  3. Take a good rest, and thank you for your great blog. Hope you will be back with your predelete lists some day.