Some latest Namejet sales

There was few interesting domain name sales happen yesterday
on Namejet auction. One of them was
Alexa shows us more than 600 backlinks and rating itself is
smaller than 300000, now imagine the traffic that comes in.
But the bad side as you understand is a TM, that limits to
use this domain name. One of the facebook typo domains sold
yesterday was, but again quite limited use there.
Now the domain names Goldnames like: Congratuliation to the auction winners!

Here comes the list of domain names sold on Namejet auction,
followed by goldnames:

domain name / price sold / namejet bidder alias 3433 USD investments 2300 USD showshowdomain 2001 USD 2dq7r3 1601 USD billfromwa 1600 USD sitevestor 1314 USD qhfk 1009 USD millincoln 810 USD investments 730 USD miyatong 706 USD bokana2 608 USD ginger2012 460 USD maxbid 433 USD contact 330 USD point 315 USD cy366 310 USD ehghe 285 USD southernboy 265 USD kkcruy 222 USD domainbank 210 USD first 189 USD wdf 159 USD alias 99 USD investments 84 USD webstyle1018 70 USD nsjohn