Current public auctions on Godaddy domain name aftermarket

Public auctions on Godaddy:

Domain Name Current Bid Time Left 1500 USD 1D 15H 1050 USD 2D 15H 500 USD 6D 23H 500 USD 2D 0H 400 USD 10H 18M 300 USD 2D 4H 206 USD 15H 50M 200 USD 1D 19H 192 USD 5D 15H 165 USD 4D 3H 165 USD 1D 22H 125 USD 5D 16H 125 USD 4D 7H 110 USD 3D 3H 93 USD 15H 49M 93 USD 15H 49M 65 USD 1D 18H 50 USD 3D 11H 32 USD 6D 21H 31 USD 9H 39M 30 USD 6D 3H 28 USD 15H 40M 25 USD 9H 39M 25 USD 4D 0H 22 USD 1D 10H 20 USD 1D 13H 20 USD 1D 13H 20 USD 4D 15H

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